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Kacniohen Donuts Maker service Mesa Mall Tragbare Kunststoff Donut Maschine die D

Kacniohen Donuts Maker Tragbare Kunststoff Donut, die Maschine D


Kacniohen Donuts Maker Tragbare Kunststoff Donut, die Maschine D




VERWENDUNG: Stellen Sie den Dispenser auf dem heiße Öl und den Griff drücken, für perfekt geformten hausgemachten Donuts.

ANWENDUNG: Ideal für Sie köstliche Krapfen und Disassembliert für eine einfache Reinigung zu machen.

ANWENDUNG: Die schnellste und einfachste Art und Weise leckere Pfannkuchen, Waffeln und altmodischen Donuts zu machen.

BEST GIFT: Geschenk dieses Backwaren bis hin zu Accessoires Liebhaber backen, kochen Chefs, zu Hause Hausfrauen, Donut-Liebhaber, Bäckerei Meister.

OPERATE: Manuelle Bedienung, leicht zu zucken, aber Sie sollten vor dem Zucken Nahrungsmittelmaterial in die Maschine legen.


Hauptmaterial: PP

Größe: ca. 18 * 10 * 10cm

Nettogewicht: Approx.65g

Farbe weiß

Paket einschließlich

1pc Donuts Maker

Kacniohen Donuts Maker Tragbare Kunststoff Donut, die Maschine D




Expert transmission engineers with an exemplary track record for projects ranging from issue troubleshooting to full product development.


Find out more about SMT's Coronavirus (COVID-19) preparations

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for EV+HEV

Welcome to SMT. We are a global engineering solutions and services provider dedicated to providing leading engineers with the expertise and tools to deliver innovative driveline technology.

CAE Software

A complete suite of CAE software for the design, simulation & analysis of advanced transmission systems from concept through to manufacture.

  • Design entire transmission and driveline systems using a comprehensive selection of components and design databases
  • Design gearbox and driveline systems from scratch or imported concepts
  • Run and generate reports on a wide variety of areas including NVH, system deflection, durability and FE

Engineering Services

Visionary engineering with an exemplary track record for providing cutting edge technology

  • Concept design & feasibility
  • Detailed transmission design & analysis
  • Power density improvements and cost reduction
  • NVH troubleshooting
  • Improving gear shift quality
  • Gear and transmission manufacturing process improvements
  • Driveline development test rig design

Driveline Sectors

SMT operates in an array of global driveline industries with expertise in the following:


Our CAE software is recognised in the industry as an essential tool to the development of automotive transmissions including gearbox, axle and engine design, analysis and optimisation.

We partner with the largest manufacturers of gears to ensure a complete seamless integration of the automotive driveline development cycle.

Our experts in NVH, bearings, metallurgy, durability and casings have allowed our project clients to take automotive driveline development to new levels and make cost reductions whilst boosting quality and innovation.

CAE software for automotive
Vehicle Driveline Engineering Services
NVH & TE Measurement and Analysis Solutions


Engine electrification is at a rapid pace and driveline innovation must keep up with the demand. New challenges continually arise in this industry, challenges continually solved by SMT’s CAE solutions and expert innovation. These problems range from gear whine to the effect of the drive’s transmission efficiency on miles on a full charge.

From bikes to buses, our experts have developed new technologies that have made leaps in efficiency, durability and driver comfort.

CAE software for EV+HEV
1,1mm Rund-Ankerkette 585 Gold Weißgold Kette Collier Halskette,
NVH & TE Measurement and Analysis Solutions


A Wind Turbine’s Gearbox (WTG) enables its generator’s internal shaft to rotate 50 to 250 times the speed of its blades. Although being the third most costly part to an installation after the tower and blades they are considered the most significant component to the installation’s efficiency and long term maintenance costs.

SMT specialises in developing a WTG’s longevity, efficiency and weight reduction. This ensures the lowest installation costs, maintenance costs and LCOE (levelized cost of energy).

CAE software for Energy
WTG Development Services

Heavy Automotive

Truck and bus drivelines undergo long and intensive duty cycles. Downtime can cost businesses with large fleets significantly so it’s essential their vehicles have the most efficient and reliable transmissions.

Our software is used by the majority of truck and bus OEM’s and our engineers have worked on full driveline development projects for heavy vehicles.

SMT also have patented load sharing technology transmission designs that ensure low cost, low weight and long term component durability for heavy automotive applications.

CAE software for Heavy Automotive
Jopwkuin Batteriekoffer Box Praktischer Batterieboxhalter für Sc

Off Highway

Global industries and infrastructure depend on the effectiveness of heavy off highway vehicles. They rely on their transmissions to not only move them but to transfer reliable power to their accessories.

Our software is capable of complete transmission design and analysis with high performing power take offs. Our expert engineers can perform durability studies and optimisation on high load axles and components for extreme torque conditions.

CAE software for Off Highway
Electri_city (Elektronische Musik aus Düsseldorf)


This widely varied market focuses on minimised maintenance and low noise but the similarities end there. Use cases range from heavy duty locomotive to light rail applications, extreme heat environments from dry desert heats to sub zero temperatures and finally low speed city trams to high speed intercontinental trains.

SMT have taken part in major rail projects globally and provided software solutions for the design, analysis and optimisation of rail transmissions to some of the world’s leading rail OEM’s.

CAE software for Rail


Gearboxes are playing an ever more essential role in aerospace transmission development. Advancements in jet engines, helicopter transmissions and accessory gearboxes are paving the way for higher durability, weight reduction, maximised efficiency and improved dynamics.

These advancements are driven be SMT’s CAE technology alongside their engineering expertise.

CAE software for Aerospace


SMT technology caters for a broad range of marine transmission applications from outboard systems to heavy duty power transfer systems.

SMT’s technical expertise and CAE tools have been used by engineers globally to design, develop and manufacture systems used in today’s pleasure boats as well as freight and military vessels.

CAE software for Marine

Trusted by global leaders

Over 200 active customers and clients worldwide

*  The listed companies are just a selection of our customers that have given their express permission to publicise our relationship

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